Free Credit Check When Buying A Car


Race Auto Group offers a free credit check to help you check your credit score when buying or leasing a car. We have a simple three-step process for getting an Equifax credit score, which includes providing your name, additional personal information, and address. Gain access to your credit score now before buying your dream car!






No Impact to Your Credit Score

At Race Auto Group, we provide safe financial services to make your car buying journey easy and simple. By getting a credit score for free, you can determine whether your financial health and report from Equifax match the pre-qualification requirements for a car loan. Our credit monitoring doesn’t affect your credit score either.

Quickly Receive Information from Equifax

Check your credit report from Equifax for a detailed rundown of your finances. You don’t have to wait days or weeks to determine whether you have a good credit score for buying a car. Instead, Equifax Canada has everything you need when it comes to credit accounts, limits, and financial history.

When you provide personal information to Race Auto Group, our team can relay the details to credit bureaus such as Equifax to generate a comprehensive report. With our help, you can buy or lease your dream vehicle in no time.

Use The Equifax Credit Report for Your Next Lease or Purchase

After receiving the Equifax credit score and report, you can check whether the score is suitable enough to gain lease approval. Maintaining a good credit score can help you secure desirable car deals and avoid paying more on a down payment.

Scores above 620 are the minimum threshold for a successful car lease and purchase, so you can monitor this score once you have accessed your credit report.

Call Race Auto Group Today for More Guidance on a Free Credit Check

Race Auto Group has everything you need to complete a free credit check. Whether you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle or lease a car, our team can guide you through the types of credit scores needed to gain approval.

Contact us today to make more informed financial decisions on your next vehicle.

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