Professional Car Detailing Halifax

Is your car in need of some TLC? Choose our professional car detailing services in Halifax to watch our experts transform your car into a brand new vehicle. Take a look at our before and after pictures below to understand how serious we are about leaving your car shining and spotless.



Car Interior Detailing for Only $90

At Race Auto Group, we have a value detail offer for interior detailing, including vacuuming, exterior washing, and dressing rims. Automotive detailing is at the heart of what we do, meaning our team of professionals in the auto services department can revive your car by removing dirt and any signs of wear and tear.



Deluxe Detail Offer Plus Shampoo for $150

Including everything from the value detail offer, you can also buy the deluxe offer that contains a full shampoo. Using shampoo can help us to clean rubber mats, scrub carpets and leather, and remove tough stains on the exterior.

It’s worth getting this package to get the most out of our cleaning services.



Executive Detail with High-Quality Car Wax for $250

The highest offer you can choose is the executive detail, made for those who want a luxurious car wax. Containing the cleaning services from the first two offers, you also get a layer of high-quality wax that will wow people with its shine. Treat yourself to this gold package to leave your dirty car behind and return to a glowing transformation.






Contact Race Auto Group for the Best Auto Detailing Services in Halifax.

Race Auto Group is proud to have some of the best auto detailing services that leave customers in shock once they return to their vehicles. Choosing from our various offers means a cleaning professional will restore your car with the finest attention to detail.

Contact Race Auto Group today to learn more about our professional car detailing services in Halifax.