Does Replacing My Engine Affect The Value Of My Car?


Does Replacing My Engine Affect The Value Of My Car?

The car engine is the heart of the vehicle and is arguably the most important part. It’s quite surprising how many components can be missing from a car that can still run, albeit dangerously.

However, without a car's engine, you won’t get further than your driveway. This complex system powers your car every day, so if you need a new engine, the cost can be a lot to think about. One of the biggest concerns you may have about car engines is "can replacing engine affect value?". To get a better understanding of this, we need to know why someone might replace the car engine altogether.

Replacing An New Engine Due To Damage

Chances are you’ve had a few cars in your life and have never had to replace the original engine. The average lifespan of an engine is 8-10 years and up to 200km.

The most common reason a driver might need to replace an engine in their car is due to a collision or an accident. As vehicles age and km’s are driven, normal wear and tear can cause the engine to fail over time.

Whatever the root cause, you’ve probably booked an appointment at your local dealership and tried to have the engine repaired before being told that it needs a completely new engine. As you can imagine, replacing the whole engine is a much bigger job in most cases and will often be used as a last resort by your trusted dealerships.

The second most common reason that people replace car engines is drivers wanting to upgrade their older car and expect a new engine can do just that. Some drivers want a bigger engine or an engine that fits their driving needs better. This can be done by a trusted mechanic, who will also discuss whether or not replacing the engine with the one you have in mind is suitable for your car.

Does Replacing The Engine Affect Value?

If you have to get your engine replaced due to an issue or want to change it for another reason, will this impact selling it in the future?

Cars are often bought and sold many times in their life.

Potential buyers look at things like price, cost per mile and mileage. Some may see a new engine as a red flag when looking into the car's accident history. In most cases, a car that has been in an accident and needed major repairs will have a negative impact on the price; and having an engine replaced is perhaps one of the most major repairs you can have.

It’s important to keep in mind that each car and selling situation is different though and it might only have a minor impact. If you've had the repair done by a qualified mechanic and have had no new engine problems since then, it might be a good idea to let the new owner know during a private sale.

When It Might Not Impact Value

It might not impact the value of your car if you’re replacing the engine for a better one. In fact, upgrading the car's engine might increase the vehicle’s value in some way, meaning you might be able to get a higher price than originally thought. Just because you've upgraded your car's engine though, doesn't mean your car value will instantly go up. There may be other things to consider such as:

  • wear and tear on the rest of the car
  • the age of the car
  • the mileage
  • other replaced or rebuilt parts
  • wrong or missing information on the car's maintenance history
  • work not carried out by a licensed mechanic

This is certainly something to discuss with your service technician before making any decisions to invest in a new engine... A trusted dealership and their team of experts will be able to let you know what will and won't hurt the resale value of your vehicle, whether it’s a classic car, a used vehicle or a brand-new vehicle.

It makes sense, to consult with experts before undertaking a large expense.such as an engine replacement..

Replace Your Car Engine Or Any Other Part Of Your Car With Race Auto Group

Engines are complex and when it comes to replacing an engine or any other major work that needs to be carried out, it’s best to go with a dealership that you trust. The service and sales teams at Race Auto Group, can help answer all your questions and do the work you need done at an affordable price.. Our team of licensed mechanics will be able to look at your car, test drive it and help you decide if a new engine is right for you.

When it comes to engine replacement, there is a lot to consider. Does it make sense? Is the cost worth it? Will I replace the old engine with a new, used or rebuilt engine and how will it affect my resale value? At Race Auto Group, our expert staff are her to help you make sense of it all.